If it were not for London escorts, I would have given up very quickly.

I can’t figure out what my girlfriend is thinking anymore. It seems like the more we have been in a long distance relationship, the more we’ve grown apart. It was not exactly a good idea to work far away from her, but I have no choice. I had to leave my girlfriend because an opportunity had presented itself to me to work for a great company but the catch is it is far away from my home. I thought that my girlfriend was strong enough to survive a long distant relationship but I was wrong. It turns out that she does not at all. My girlfriend is a charming lady.

Her name is Maria Barton. She is a gorgeous young woman who I fell in love with. But now our relationship is not very strong. I can feel that she and I are not going to last anymore if Maria will continue her attitude. Maria does not want to talk to me anymore because she wants me to come back. I’ve been away for just three months, and she already wishes me to quit my job. She does not understand that quitting is not an option for me. She is not comfortable with me being far away from her anymore. I believe that it’s because she thinks I’m seeing other ladies which is not true.

I have always been faithful to Maria. Every time she tells me that I’m cheating on her hurts me a lot. I already did my best to explain to her what my situation is but she still does not understand. Maria want me to go home immediately, she told me that if I don’t go back she and I are over. I got very frustrated at her. I thought she wanted me to be successful but now she is already changing her mind and I don’t like it. I had no choice but to refuse her request.

Maria should not have been angry at me at the first place because I did not cheat in her. She and I agreed that its best for us to go in our separate ways. Letting Maria go was one of the most challenging things I did in my life. I did not know how to live without her. She had been my whole world for a very long time, and now that she is gone it’s very difficult for me. I miss my hometown, and I’m beginning to give up. But thanks to outcall London escorts I did not quit. Booking London escorts sustained me in my journey to success. If it were not for London escorts, I would have given up very quickly.

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