London escorts are the only women that can make me happy after my girlfriend’s death.

My girlfriend has only a few months to live: she is suffering from diabetes mellitus.  The doctors say that we should not keep our hopes up because her sickness is very severe. It’s tough to accept that my girlfriend is dying after five years of being together. Her time to live is concise, and I promised myself to keep her happy as much as I can. My girlfriend told me to be strong and brave when her time finally comes up. She said that it is her wish for me to find another girl to make me happy just like she did. Her request made me cry very hard because I could not believe she can still say those things. Even though she is dying my girlfriend is always concerned about my happiness.

She begged me to promise her that when she dies, I will find a great woman to take her place, I do not want to argue with her anymore so I promised her that I would fulfill her wish. She lived for a few months then later died. Her death was the saddest event of my life. I could not stop thinking about our happy memories together. She and I are an entirely different person yet we find ourselves very happy together. During the last few months of her life, we never stopped traveling to many different cities. Even though she was extremely weak, she did not want to go to the hospital anymore. She wanted to see the world, we had a lot of fun together, but it was tough for me to see my girlfriend in her condition. She was in pain and agony every night. But she remained strong through the pain. She made us think that she is okay and everything is found.

Even in her last moments she still wanted me and her family to be happy. She left a huge hole in my heart that no one could ever fill. She was the most incredible and the most influential woman I have ever had the chance to know. She was fearless until the end. A year after her death I was still single. I did not have any interest to have a relationship after she died. Even though she made me promise her that I will find a great girl that can replace her. I am not sure if I could ever see such a beautiful woman as her. I have no choice but to break my promise to her and remain single. After her death, only London escorts took care of me. London escorts are the only women that can make me happy after my girlfriend’s death. That is why I continuously book London escorts.

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