Controlling Emotions

Are you having a hard time controlling your emotions? You would not be the first. Sometimes we do let our emotions get the better of us. We are not really doing ourselves any favors, but none of us are perfect. When you are in the people business like we are at London escorts, you get to meet all sorts, and I must admit that I do date a few gentlemen at London escorts who have a problem controlling their emotions.

A lot of ladies say that men do not experience the same range of emotions as women do. I don’t agree with that at all. Men experience the same range of emotions, it is just that they may experience some emotions stronger than others. For instance, I have noticed my dates at London escorts seem to experience jealousy so much more intensely than women. I don’t know what it is, but jealousy is one of those emotions women seem to control better. Yes, I was a little bit jealous when I first joined London escorts as I noticed some of my colleagues were getting more dates.

However, I decided to do something about it.First of all, I was new to London escorts. Just like in any other job, success is not going to come overnight. Instead of spending my time being jealous of my new colleagues at London escorts, I stepped up my game instead. The first thing I did was to go to the hairdresser, have my hair done and then I invested in some new clothes. Realising I looked a bit more like a top London escort, I went on to have my photos done again.

I was nervous but once my sexy photos were posted to the escorts website gallery, it was clear that my efforts had been appreciated. Before I knew I was being asked to go out on dates left right and center. It did not take me very long to build up a following at our London escorts and soon I was one of the busiest girls at the escort agency. It felt good and I also realised that I turned my jealousy into something positive. It is easy to say looking back, but at the time it was kind of a hard thing to do.It was a good exercise in emotional control, and how to learn to turn a rather negative situation into something possible. I felt rather grown up after having conquered my emotions, and I soon realised that staying calm was the trick. Many of our the young girls who join our London escorts service are at least a little bit jealous of the more senior girls. Working for London escorts is really just about learning the job. You get plenty of work experience if you simply try, but you must not lose sight of the fact you need to learn how to change at least a little bit. Jealousy is not a nice emotion, and it helps if you decide to tackle it in a nice sort of way.

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