This is how i keep him satisfied

Are men really that complicated to keep happy? I don’t think that men are that difficult to keep happy, but then again, I have plenty of experience of spending time with men at London escorts. The thing is, a lot of ladies do worry about how they handle their relationship with their men, and like London escorts know, it is vital to be confident around men. Most men really like confident women.

I am going to let you in on a couple of secrets I have discovered about the gentlemen I date at London escorts. Men really like it when you are in charge and take control. So far, I don’t think I have hear anything different from any of my friends at London escorts. They all seem to be saying the same thing, and as a result, we do take control and charge of the gents that we date. It is just one of the little sexrets from charlotte outcall escorts.

But there is more to it than that. You don’t need to be the sexiest woman in the world to keep your man happy. However, working at London escorts have taught me that it is vital to offer guys a variety of sexy fun. Men get bored easily, and the only way to get around it, is to make sure you are coming up with new options all of the time to have some fun. I am always coming out with new ideas at London escorts. If you are not sure what your man likes, try to experiment to find out what turns him on. You be surprised, the slightest little thing can trigger is enthusiasm.

Shocking and surprising gents work as well. I don’t do it very often at London escorts, but I have shocked a few gents outside of London escorts. The other night when I came home from work, I told my new boyfriend I wanted to watch this new DVD that I had bought. To his surprise, I popped a porno into the DVD player, and I honestly thought that his eyes were going to pop out of his head. Let’s put it this way, we never got to the end of that porno.

Of course, London escorts have many what we call sexrets, but you can always come up with your own. Don’t be afraid to let go, and really enjoy your sex life. If you find that your boyfriend or partner is not satisfying you, don’t complain about it. Instead take charge and show him what you are all about. I think that men like it when you dare to be different. Buy some sex toys, a couple of good pornos and invest in some sexy lingerie. Like I said, it is not hard to keep a man happy and satisfied. They are pretty simple souls at the end of the day. Do they think with their dicks? They may not do that, but they do think that their dicks are very important…

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