How to kick your sugar cravings

Why do we crave so much sugar? The other night when I was on the nightshift at isle of Dogs escorts, I became aware that I was always craving sugar around midnight. It must be a low peak or something like that. It was really hard to resist not having a candy bar, but in the end I did manage. In the future I intend to be a lot more careful and I am going to stock on healthy foods such as fruit and vegetables. It is so much better for you to snack on things like carrot sticks or apples.


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Most of the other girls at Isle of Dogs escorts also say that it is really hard to work the nightshift. Midnight is the low point for most girls and it is only to tempting to grab a sugary snack. I find that it helps to exercise before going into work. Once you have exercised you have burned off a load of sugar and you are less likely to crave it again. A healthy meal packed with protein will certainly help to keep you full, and I also find that a snack of porridge will help as well.


If you are keen to kick your sugar habit, you really need to check out food packaging. It is kind of frightening when you start to read food packaging. Sometimes I go shopping after I have finished my shift at Isle of Dogs escorts, and the other day I had some extra time on my hands. For once I took the time to read the food labels, and I was really taken back when I discovered how much sugar could be found in food that was supposed to be healthy. Things like orange juice and cereals are just packed with sugar. It is not doing us any good at all.


Just like anybody else I love things like cakes and biscuit. Recently, I have started to explore sugar alternatives. I know that some artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame can give me headaches so I stay away from those. Stevia is a natural alternative so I have started to add that to my diet instead. You can find cakes baked with Stevia in health food stores. Holland and Barrett have a lot of healthy alternatives and they are certainly worth checking out.


All in all, you can kick your sugar cravings. It is not going to be easy, but I am rather determined to succeed. I have started to eat a lot healthier on the Isle of Dogs escorts nightshift and I have encouraged my colleagues at Isle of Dogs escorts to do the same. The girls who have tried to kick their sugar habits say that they are beginning to feel a lot better. I am sure that they are, and I hope that we will be able to kick our sugar habits. The honest truth is that sugar is a bit of a silent killer and we want to do the best we can to eat less sugar.

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