How To Attract A Girl In A Bar For Sex

You may have stayed that long without getting intimate with a girl that now you’ve decided to hit the bars since it’s a place you can get sex quickly without a hustle. But everything has a science and method, so hitting the bars is no exception. You have to attract a girl in a bar to have sex with you. One way is to keep it simple, classy and always show confidence.

An adult looking for sex in a bar is all in good fun. You take a girl from “hello” to sex within a couple of hours, but this really depends on your level of confidence. Having sex in a bar is beneficial as it basically gives you the opportunity to satisfy your longed urges without any drama or strings attached. Here are tips on how to attract a girl in a bar for sex.

Go for the High Chance Girls

When looking for sex in a bar, you should play the night a bit different than you normally do. Don’t go for the absolute beautiful girls, instead go for their “almost as attractive” friends. This would get the pretty damn hot ones fascinated as to why you left them for their friends, which would attract them your way. And when friend you are after see’s this, she’ll even feel more confident to want to have sex with your right away. This would make your game even easier.

Or you can scan the room for possible candidates as girls who are looking for whatever usually put on the effort to get noticed. So, noticing them would be an easy ticket to get the sex. Signs to look out for include, those doing dirty dances, checking out if some guy is looking their way, or laughing loudly.

The Approach

If you want to have sex with a girl in a couple of hours, you first impression must be catchy. Leave the chase lines and lame jokes for another time. Approach the girl with confidence and initiate conversation with her. Exuding confidence is very important here, which will quickly get you in charge of the conversation. Once you feel in charge, ensure you do everything in your power to make her feel good. Ask the right questions to give the impression you are interested and make appropriate comments. Make her yearn for you and feel that you are exactly what she is looking for. The point of you being in control means she’ll do whatever you ask.

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